The Team

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Elina Makri

Journalist / Media Project Manager

Elina Makri is an independent journalist and the founder of Oikomedia and Alpha and Omega. While attending an algorithms class in New York, she read that "journalism can demand deep and specific technical knowledge. It's no place for people who want to avoid maths." She took the initiative to create Alpha and Omega especially for math-challenged journalists.📈

For Elina, Alpha + Omega "democratizes" data analyses and makes them accessible to the average journalist who has no background in programming, machine learning and statistics.‍💻
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Alexandros Tzoumas

Software Engineer

Alexandros Tzoumas has more than 13 years of experience on a series of senior software engineering roles in technology startups, EU projects, NGOs, open source projects, and big companies in the retail, telecom and banking sector. He is an Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences graduate. Alexandros, also, has an extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary teams (imagine the small "aha" moments when he explains a random forest classifier and you do not have to look quizzically at him).
Between "Alpha + Omega", Alexandros is able to see that Delta between project architecture and technical management, intended to make business sense.💼

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Aris Kosmopoulos

Software Engineer
Data Scientist (SciFY)

Aris Kosmopoulos, holds a PhD in Machine Learning and has more than 10 years experience in Artificial Intelligence Research, focusing on large scale machine learning, natural language processing, text mining, statistical analysis and evaluation.

For Alpha + Omega, he had to engage himself in a little throat clearing towards journalists about how a prediction model works. In fact, how scientific reasoning works... against dark arts.🔮

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Paul Isaris

Software Engineer (SciFY)

Paul Isaris is a senior software engineer with experience in a panoply of projects ranging from open-source assistive technologies and commercial applications, all the way to startup consulting and product development, acting also as a Scrum Master (big deal - Google it!).

Paul has also been working as a teacher, teaching programming and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects to kids and teenagers, as well as to adults.

For 'Alpha + Omega', the team has the theory, does the research and the modeling. Then Paul, presents them the REALITY (read: implements the technical aspects of the platform).🔧

A + Ω was made possible with the financial support of the Google DNI Fund