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Follow your lead or your instinct, use our top professionals or one of our ready-made recipes to investigate a possible story.

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What is it about?

Alpha + Omega is an exclusive network of the top freelance data-engineers, a.i. experts, researchers in the world. Top companies hire our freelancers for their most important projects.

Who is it for?

Non data-savvy professionals exploring prediction models & algorithms in journalism, business, poilitcal & social sciences.

Data driven decision-making for policy makers, NGO's & SME'S

Are you a policy maker or an entrepreneur that wants to understand the data and then decide?
Are you a municipality, agricultural organisation, SME or NGO facing a problem and you think science can help you? Find an answer, save you resources and redirect them somewhere more urgent or give you evidence for an optimal choice?
Our team can help you with the scientific part, algorithms and visualisations.

We can also take care of the data gathering.
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Here are some ‘problems‘ we are working on:

  • How to save resources in public procurement: Do you need to buy toners, printers, devices and other hardware / software or office equipment? How many? Can you better negotiate your contracts? How to measure inflation?
  • How to choose between garbage trucks: Is it better to buy, rent or leasing? How can the municipality save resources and minimize costs related to vehicle purchase, service & maintenance.
  • Is your municipality facing a demographic problem? Are there any patterns & ways to prevent the trend?
  • How to ameliorate services, infrastructure or costs related to social policies.
  • How to better manage stocks and inventories.

A+Ω was made possible with the financial support of the Google DNI Fund

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Ready-made free analysis

Use one of the following analysis, created by our professionals. These are automated and don’t require interaction with a professional.

See how it works


Upload data and specify what you want to predict. A + Ω will try to identify patterns. Ask A + Ω questions and it will respond back with it’s predictions!

By Alpha + Omega Team


Explore if A relates to B. For example, height and weight are related; taller people tend to be heavier than shorter people. Upload your data and A + Ω will find these for you.

By Alpha + Omega Team

Outlier Detection

Looking for extreme observations in your data? A + Ω will spot them for you.

By Alpha + Omega Team

Fraud Detection for Political Science

Detect fraud patterns on election datasets

By Elena Chatziapostolou

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A + Ω platform gave me the opportunity to sell and market my analysis. It took only a few hours for the team to integrate my code and start promoting my recipe.

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Elena Chatziapostolou
Data Scientist

Are you a data scientist / statistician / algorithm enthusiast?

Benefit from A + Ω

  • 1. Create a profile
  • 2. Increase your customer base
  • 3. Integrate and sell your analysis methods via our platform

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A + Ω was made possible with the financial support of the Google DNI Fund