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What is it about?

Alpha + Omega is an exclusive network of the top freelance data-engineers, a.i. experts, researchers in the world. Top companies hire our freelancers for their most important projects.

Who is it for?

Non data-savvy professionals exploring prediction models & algorithms in journalism, business, poilitcal & social sciences.

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Use one of the following analysis, created by our professionals. These are automated and don’t require interaction with a professional.

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Upload data and specify what you want to predict. A + Ω will try to identify patterns. Ask A + Ω questions and it will respond back with it’s predictions!

By Alpha + Omega Team


Explore if A relates to B. For example, height and weight are related; taller people tend to be heavier than shorter people. Upload your data and A + Ω will find these for you.

By Alpha + Omega Team

Outlier Detection

Looking for extreme observations in your data? A + Ω will spot them for you.

By Alpha + Omega Team

Fraud Detection for Political Science

Detect fraud patterns on election datasets

By Elena Chatziapostolou

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A + Ω platform gave me the opportunity to sell and market my analysis. It took only a few hours for the team to integrate my code and start promoting my recipe.

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Elena Chatziapostolou
Data Scientist

Are you a data scientist / statistician / algorithm enthusiast?

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  • 3. Integrate and sell your analysis methods via our platform

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A + Ω was made possible with the financial support of the Google DNI Fund