Employ AI for cause and effect in Journalism.

A web application for non data-savvy journalists to narrate about a causal model of the world, explore prediction models and algorithms in journalism.

How does it work?

Identify stories, causations and correlations in data, without the need of statistical or machine learning expertise.

Upload data

Step 1 | Upload your data

Create a data journalism project

Upload your spreadsheet and navigate through a broad range of pre-configured, ready to use recipes.

Employ Artificial Intelligence

Step 2 | Employ A.I.

Let the system do the rest

Find correlations, outliers, build prediction models without having any knowledge of statistics, machine learning or programming.

Tell the story

Step 3 | Tell the story

View the results

Structure and observe data correlations, taking heed of common pitfalls. Identify what to research. Investigate and narrate about a causal model of the world.

Select a recipe, tell a story


A & Ω was made possible with the financial support of the Google DNI Fund www.digitalnewsinitiative.com